We understand that the thought of losing your valuable data can be quite terrifying. However if you have suffered a drive crash it is important to follow the guidelines listed below so you do not risk further damage and thus improve the likelihood of a full recovery.

  • If your hard drive is making a clicking or clunking sound do not attempt to switch it back on as you may do further damage and lessen the chance of a full recovery.
  • Never attempt to open the hard disk drive. Hard disk drives are very sensitive to dust and static electricity and they should only be opened by a fully trained technician in a clean room environment.
  • Avoid running automatic “data recovery” software on the damaged hard disk drive. These type of programs will only be useful if the hard disk drive is fully functional. These will not work if your hard disk drive has had a major hardware failure.
  • Always pack your hard disk drive in an anti-static bag, these are available from all good computer shops. Remember to wrap the hard disk drive with plenty of cushioning if you are planning on transporting it. Failure to do so may result in further damage.

Don’t panic, in the majority of cases data can be retrieved from even the most damaged of hard drives.