& Hard Disk Drive Disposal

We here are Data Recovery Laboratories also offer Data Destruction services. If you have a hard disk you need to dispose of you can send it to us. We can offer Different levels of data sanitization or destruction.

Standard: Your hard disk is wiped and patterns of zeros and ones are written over the drive.
(This is secure at this point in time.)

Physical: The next method is physical destruction of the media. We also offer our clients a hard disk disposal service. So if you have a hard drive you want securely destroyed why not send it to us and ensure your data is gone for good.

Secure +++: This level of data destruction we use for our clients, who are working with secure or sensitive data, for example; major Banks and government agencies. We follow forensic guide lines and execute a chain of custody process for these jobs. We allocate one engineer where possible to the whole process until finished.

The work is carried out in our Brisbane lab. The engineer verifies the physical integrity of the media and follows our strict guidelines along the way. This method checks the Physical integrity of the drive at the start, and reports any evidence of tampering. Hard drive platters are removed and destroyed, ROMs, EPROM’s and Ram chips are crushed. We also securely destroy tape media and logic boards, where there could be sensitive data in the Rom, Proms or any other storage or memory media.

We finally issue you with a certificate of destruction to complete the process.