Why should I choose Data Recovery Laboratories over another company?

  • ISO Class 100 Clean Room.
  • Over 20 years experience enabling us to determine the best and most effective solution to all data emergencies.
  • Large percentage of revenue is used for research and development.
  • 24-48hr initial response.
  • Highly skilled pool of engineers.
  • Use cutting edge technology.
  • Many hard drive manufacturers refer directly to us.

Should I try a data recovery myself - or could I have my internal or contract system person run a data recovery utility on my drive before I send it to a lab?

You run a huge risk of further corrupting data on a suspect drive or media with a utility program or other standard recovery procedures. Many untrained data recovery programmers assume a drive is optimized both mechanically and electrically. If a drive is not performing at an optimal level, a utility will try to fix things that may not be corrupted. One result may be further data loss or corruption beyond any type of recovery. Your best bet is to call an expert.

My drive is making an unusual noise. Should I have it opened to see what's going on?

If you do, then you will immediately convert your drive into a paperweight and lose your data irretrievably. In order to properly open a drive, you must be in a clean room environment and have a full knowledge of the drive's mechanics. We have the technical expertise to advise you on how to best protect and recover your at-risk data.

How will I get my data back?

We will place your data on suitable replacement media, whether that is another hard drives, CDROM, DVD, any other media of your choice or by FTP transfer.

What is a clean room?

Clean rooms are used in many industries where environmental variables such as temperature, humidity, airborne contaminates and even light can be detrimental to processes and procedures for manufacturing and repair of sensitive electronic components.

How can I ensure I won't repeat a data loss situation from recurring?

Failures are a fact of life, but you can mitigate these problems with a disaster prevention and recovery plan. Be sure to back up your data and always have Data Recovery Labs on speed dial!

What is the Cost?

In the case of hard drives we charge you for an evaluation fee. In the event that the recovery will take more time we will call you with an estimate of "cost-to-complete" and seek your permission to proceed.

For removable media such as solid state USB drives, floppy disks, zip disks etc, we charge a flat rate only if we can recover the data on the media.