Hard disk drives (HDDs) and other magnetic media (FDD, zip disks, etc) can be critically damaged by static electricity, shock, and other factors, often resulting in additional drive damage. Use the following instructions for shipping and proper handling of your media.

General Instructions

STATIC - make sure your media is placed in anti-static bags before packing. You can typically find these bags at an electronics supply store.

SHOCK AND VIBRATION - Shock and/or vibration can cause further damage to your media. To insure the media is protected at all times, package the media in a box with at least 1" of padding (i.e. foam, bubble wrap) on ALL 6 SIDES. Please do NOT pack with Styrofoam peanuts. Failures caused by shock and/or vibration account for one third of all HDD troubles.

IDENTIFICATION - Identifying your media when sending it will ensure that it is logged into our system and forwarded to a technician as soon as possible. To ensure we have all of your details please follow the link to download and print the 2 data recovery forms – and return them with your media.

RETURNED DATA - Data will be returned to you on suitable replacement media, whether that is another drive, CDROM, DVD, any other media of your choice or by FTP transfer.

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