Customer Referral Program

The demand for data recovery is growing rapidly. With more computer users popping up every day data loss is something that the majority of users are going to experience at least once.

Data loss can have devastating consequences to your customer's business, tens of thousands of dollars in revenue can be lost due to business downtime; customers can decide to go somewhere else or worse the business can totally close down.

This is why we invite you to join many other businesses in the industry and register with our Customer Referral Program. As a registered partner you and your customers will benefit from access to a professional no nonsense data recovery laboratory with some of the most highly skilled engineers in their field.

But best of all you can earn yourself a tidy commission cheque each month just by pointing your customers in our direction for all of their data recovery needs.

Why should I join the program?
As an established identity in the technology industry, you will know of customers that have experienced data loss and in some cases you may not have been equipped to attempt the recovery of their valuable data. Now you can confidently refer your customers to one of Australia's premier data recovery laboratories by registering with our "Customer Referral Program"; which means you can offer your customers a complete solution to their data recovery needs.

Want to join or find out more information?
If you are interested in registering for the program or would like more information complete the online form and our friendly staff will be in touch with you soon.

Why not become a partner today!

  • No minimum commitment
  • No fuss
  • Access to around the clock support
  • No membership fees
  • Free data recovery updates
  • Excellent commissions