Since 1981 Data Recovery Laboratories has been recovering lost, deleted and damaged data for customers in all corners of the globe. With offices located throughout Asia –Pacific, Europe and United States, Data Recovery Laboratoriess have the unique ability to call on expertise from a pool of highly trained technicians and engineers.

Our headquarters located in Brisbane, Australia (Asia-Pacific region) has a fully equipped lab with the latest cutting edge technology and recovery technicians and engineers experienced in recovering data from all types of media including Hard Drives, Flash / Memory Cards, CD and DVD, Tapes, Optical Disks and many more.

Our Research and Development team is dedicated to finding solutions for those ‘impossible’ data recovery jobs. They are continuously monitoring and updating our proprietary recovery software and hardware tools to provide our clients with the best chance of a full recovery.

To enable us the offer our clients a ‘complete solution’ to their data recovery needs we have several state of the art clean rooms located around the world including one in our Brisbane office. We have technicians and engineers who have extensive skills in specific areas of recovery thus allowing us to offer you the highest chance of recovery possible.