Research & Developement

Our research and development team are always developing new tools and methods to keep our company at the cutting edge of the data recovery industry. We specialise in the impossible.

With our state of the art Australian R&D lab here in Brisbane, and some of the best engineers in the field, we consistently lead the field in technical innovations. We as a company invest heavily into the R&D area. This enables us to give our customers the best possible chance of successful data recovery.

Customers are regularly referred to us by hard disk manufacturers directly as the best option for data recovery. As solutions to new problems are solved we integrate them into our data recovery process as fast as possible. However its not just new problems we work on.

With over 20 years experience in this field we have seen and worked on most storage media from widely used to obscure and defunct. We like a challenge!

An Example: Toshiba laptop drives sometimes fail with these symptoms:

  • Noticing a deterioration of performance then subsequent complete failure of the drive; this may happen over varying time periods.
  • A characteristic grinding/whining noise eminating from the drive during startup or during operation; that changes in pitch erratically.
  • Also a common trait is to hear the sound of the drive motor attempt to spin up, fail and then repeat this process a number of times before stopping.

Our R&D group have developed new tools and procedures to enable us to successfully recover your data from Toshiba drives with these symptoms.